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Study programmes

General Theory and the History of Art and Culture - Musicology (BA, MA, Ph.D.)

Programme description

The programme focuses on the history and current developments in musical culture.

The BA programme introduces the students to the field and its disciplines, provides the foundations for independent scholarly work, covers topics in musical theory (theory of harmony, musical forms, analysis of musical compositions, audio analysis), and teaches courses in musical history. The prerequisites for study thus include practical musical training (piano or another musical instrument, vocal treaining) and laguage skills (Latin, German, and another world language). In addition to attending mandatory courses, the students can select from electives. The MA programme aims at developing the knowledge from the undergraduate level at a greater detail and allows the students to choose a specialization based on their own interests (early music, modern and contemporary music, ethnomusicology).

The MA degree prepares the students to further cultivate their professional expertise and qualifies them for scholarly work at the doctoral level in the above-mentioned musicological disciplines, but also in other fields of musical historiography and systematic musicology. Career opportunities include especially work in specialized musical museums, archives, and libraries, but there are other options as well: concert organizer or manager, artistic director for the opera, music critic or journalist, radio or TV music editor, or an editor in music publishing houses. Students who take courses simultaneously in the BA programme and the MA programme in education will be qualified to teach courses in musical theory and history at all levels from elementary to high schools (in the latter category, this includes specialized academic high schools and conservatories).

The doctoral programme in musicology is always administered in the form of an individual independent study, both full-time and part-time. The completion of this programme allows the graduate to engage in research, teaching, and editorial work in various specialized departments at universities, art schools, or research academies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The graduates can also participate in research conducted at musicological museums, archives, or libraries.